Arp 272 is a group of galaxies located around around 490 million light years from Earth. All three galaxies are know as NGC 6050A, NGC 6050B and NGC 6050C. The galaxies are part of the Hercules Cluster, which is itself part of the CfA2 Great Wall.

Two of the galaxies, A and B, are linked through their spiral arms while C is interacting with but not yet collided with the other two galaxies.


In the year 20912 CE, a large group of colonists from an independent core colony world in Triangulum and set their sights on Arp 272. The mission evacuated their entire world and used the latest Wormhole Drive to establish a link with the galaxies. They arrived around 200 kly from their target and it took another hundred years to reach the nearest star. The colony mission then woke from stasis and sent out probes and eventually found a homeworld to settle. There they founded an interstellar government spread across all three galaxies. They've mostly attempted to stay out of intergalactic politics.

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