Artria, also known as NGC 253, is a barred spiral galaxy located 10.9 million light years from the Milky Way


Artria seen from above the galactic disk, showing a barred spiral shape.

The galaxy is controlled by the Artrian Galactic Republic which has been around for 7,500 years since 2500 CE.


Roughly 82,000 years ago, the galaxy was controlled by another civilisation but became extinct after a galactic war. The civilisation also suffered an economic collapse, loosing all funding for fleets of warships, food and resource supplies and the final destruction of their species.

In 2500 CE, the galaxy became controlled by the Artrian Galactic Republic and has remained the galactic ruler for the last 7,500 years. The Republic has watched a hundred thousand civilisations grow but become extinct due to their use of weapons of mass destruction, including atomic and nuclear bombs and missiles.

The Republic destroyed intergalactic exploration probes once the probes had entered their territory in the galaxy in early 9982. Data analysis revealed they came from the Amatria galaxy when the Amatrian Galactic Spherium had begun to expand their territory from beyond their galaxy at 4.5 million light years away. This eventually led to the Amatrian-Artria War in 9982 which had lasted for eleven years until 9993 when both leaders of each galaxy signed the Juline Treaty. Even though the treaty has been signed, tensions have begun to rise again and may result in the Second Amatria-Artria War within a century.


Like the Amatria galaxy, the Artria galaxy is divided into sectors. The outer edge of the galaxy is known as Julka Sector, or Julka Systems, while the galactic core is known as Lylo Sector, or the Lylo Systems. The two major arms are both known as the Fexin Arm and Neria Arm.

The sectors are controlled by the Artrian Galactic Republic for the last 7,500 years.

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