Arydia (RS 8409-2690-8-222562-228 2 in beta patch 8) is a warm E-Class planet located thirty eight thousand light years from Earth and twenty four thousand light years from the core of the Milky Way



Arydia and its largest moon Keltia as seen from space. Notice the size difference between the two bodies.

Homeworld of the Nylex - a peaceful mid-Type II civilisation discovered by Humanity on New Year's Day 4010. They first appeared on Arydia approximately 440,000 years ago; looking much smaller with very strange, oblated heads and with five fingers instead of three.

Since 4025, Nylex are members of the Confederacy of Humanity with technologies that have allowed them to colonise the entire galaxy. In 4031, human and other alien colonies appeared on Arydia for the first time.


Arydia is about 10.9 billion years old and has supported the conditions for life for nearly 10.3 billion years. It orbits a binary star system called Ilsai at a distance of 0.16 AU giving it a year and rotation period of 31 days which causes the day-side storm to constantly rage for thousands of years.


Arydia is home to an entire ecosystem of various lifeforms that have adapted to different conditions and environments. Most forms of life exist in the terminator zone, the area between the extreme heat of the day side and the frigid, icy night side. Although, some species have been found on the ice sheet on the night side and some, but on rare conditions, within the storm of the day side. Land in the terminator zone appears to be covered in a thick sheet of sludgy, wet grass. Forests of tall trees that appear to resemble trees on Earth but with yellow to their leaves. 

Dominating the sky are the Melir, massive balloon-like creatures that inflate air into their lung-like system that keeps them floating in the sky. Reproduction is incredibly slow; only producing up to three offspring every two centuries. In the great lakes, close to the eye of the storm, are the Perai, small whale-like creatures that move extremely slowly, perhaps only a meter every minute. Only a small population exists; about a quarter of a million.


Arydia towards the night side just before the ice sheet begins.

Terrestrial creatures are the most vunerable lifeforms on the planet due to threats of climate change and close approaches from asteroids in the star system's Oort Cloud, due to the lack of an asteroid belt. 

Mass extinctions have occured four times since the first lifeforms ruled the planet. The last mass extinction, known as the Tuesh Extinction, was 81 million years ago due to the impact of a comet about five miles wide.

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