A ring of bodies orbiting Sol. The largest object here is Ceres. the region has been colonized over the centuries and is now a well respected geopolitical entity of Humanity.


The Asteroid Belt is a region of space between Mars and Jupiter where there are millions of asteroids varying in size. Over the centuries, these asteroids have been mined of their resources, and turned into all manner of habitats for Humanity and other alien species.

It is divided into four Administrative Quadrants, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta. It is colloqueally refered to as 'The Belt'. It is one of the most diverse regions in Sol, due to each habitat having a high degree of autonomy due to their distances from one another.

Many of these asteroids differ from one another in a wide variety of ways, from the types of habitats that they are, to their functions, to the cultures of those regions. Some are inhabited by millions, while some are ruled almost exclusivly by AI. Some are industrial superpowers, or experimental hubs, or are museums or artistic peices. It is due to the huge number of asteroids that this variet exists. As such, the Belt is known for being one of the most diverse regions within Sol.


The Asteroid Belt was originally colonized in the 22nd century, in 2123. It was originally designed as a series of mining colonies, aiming to extract as many resources as possible from the Asteroid Belt as possible. The asteroids were mine hollow for all their precious resources, and were then abandoned. These hollowed out asteroids were then seen as an investment opportunity by colonizers, and began to turn these asteroids into O'Neill cylinders and other such habitats, designed to be pleasent living spaces for the miners that worked in the region.

Eventually, these became permanent settlements, and more and more asteroids were converted into these habitats, until just about every single body in the Belt was colonized in some way or another.

Humans in the region formed the Administrative Regions Of The Belt in 2150, beleiving that it would be a more efficent method of running their new systems. This colonization effort has been present throughout thousands of years of Humanities expansion.

Administrative Regions

The Belt is divided into four regions of administration due to it's size and scope. These regions are designed to keep track of populations, productivity, resource distribution, and the likes. They are divided into the regions Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta, and each possesses it's own capital.

These Quadrants possess a large degree of autonomy to govern themselves as is seen nessesary. Due to the distance between each region, this is seen as one of the only ways to govern the areas. These Quadrants possess their own cultures and local governments, while still being a part of Humanity's wider government.

The Alpha Quadrant

The Capital of the Alpha Quadrant is Ceres - The overall Capital of the Belt, and a terraformed worldship. In the past it was a mining colony, and was used as a jumping off point for the colonization of the Gas Giants. The Alpha Quadrant is responsible for the birth of a great number of adventures and spacefarers from the Sol system over the centuries, with many Alpha Belters being present for the first colonizations of the outer Gas Giants, the Oort Cloud, and the first extraterrestrial star systems.

The Beta Quadrant

The Capital of the Beta Quadrant is Interamnia. It was first colonized in 2138, and became one of the larger mining sections of the Belt. Due to its proximity to plenty of resources, the area was converted into a series of habitats and construction yards, providing plenty or resources to the other Quadrants. It is considered an industrial powerhouse within the Belt. It has constructed a huge number of shipyards and processing plants, and is home to an interconnected series of asteroids known as the Interamnia Collective.

The Charlie Quadrant

The Capital of the Charlie Quadrant is Euphrosyne, colonized in 2141. It is known to be a scientific hub of the Belt, producing a large amount of robotics, and investment into the scientific sector. The region is filled with asteroids used for experimentation, which has resulted in regions of terraformed asteroids, paraterraformed, shellworlded, filled with biodomes, and other such experiments. It is a popular tourist location within the Belt.

The Delta Quadrant

The Capital of the Delta Quadrant is Juno. Juno is well known for it's flight programs, which have trained a great number of Sol-born pilots for the dangers of space travel. the Region has a large number of training areas, for new space farers to traverse asteroids in spacesuits, practice their flying skills, and learn about the various types of ships they will be using outside of the solar system. Juno also has a well renowned education sector, one of the most well known facilities of higher education in Sol being located at the Pallas Node University - A series of asteroids that collectivly create a huge university.

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