Atov'Atay is a massive trading, shipping, exporting, and economic hub for Xa'Thainity. It is pretty much the entire package. Due to this, it is one of the more dense planets based on population.

Almost all of Atov'Atay's front hemisphere is covered by large trade buildings. its backside, which is full of ice, contains mineral excavators, civilian areas, and large artificially-illuminated areas of greenery. The largest of these comes in at about 18,800km².

Atov'Atay was the first world to be terraformed by Xa'Thainity. It was originally a hellish desert, like Stratastrophe, or Venus pre-terraforming. The terraforming project was carefully planned, as Xa'Thainity in the time period was very religious-centered. They didn't want to destroy Atov'Atay, or cause chaos to its natural order.

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