The Attack on Eldrum was an ambush attack on the military base on Eldrum, which resulted in the United Kingdoms of Basaten declaring war on the Hael Republic. The attack decimated the military base, killing 20,000 Taans, and left the Kingdoms blood thirsty for revenge.

It was planned by the Hael Republic for decades, as they detected signals coming from Basaten several centuries before. During their destructive conquest across their region of Galvania, they annexed several planets, nebulas and clusters into their republic, including the Dryx Cluster - a globular cluster easily observed from Basaten.

The response to the attack was slow at first. The Kingdoms' citizens were in shock, giving up their belief that their monarchy was invulnerable to attack. As the King of the Kingdoms gave his speech to the thousands of colonies across the galaxy, he formally declared war on the Hael Republic. The Galvanian War had begun.

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