Aurius is a warm E-class planet in the Archurion Galaxy.


Aurius formed 9 billion years ago in the stellar disc of its parent star. Overtime, 10 asteroids were caught by its gravitational pull and became moons of Aurius.

At some point it likely had a much larger moon however it passed the roche limit and shattered, forming a beautiful ring system around the planet.


Aurius is mostly land, consisting of vast forests, rivers and mountains as well as small seas. 10 asteroid moons orbit around it. The weather on Aurius is usually calm but rain, thunderstorms and cyclones do occur.

Aurius' atmosphere contains 51.4% Carbon Dioxide, 48.4 % Oxygen and 0.158 % sulfur dioxide among other trace amounts of other gases.


A multitude of lifeforms and complex ecosystems exist on Aurius. Oddly enough, a majority of life on this world is plant-like.

The Aurians are the most intelligent lifeform on Aurius. They are plant-like humanoids with four eyes and purple skin. They asexually reproduce with seeds that spread across the landscape. Once a baby Aurian starts growing, they will remain rooted to the ground so an adult Aurian will have to take care of them. Once the Aurian has stopped growing, it will detach from the roots and become mobile. It will then continue to grow to a height of 4ft tall. When they reach an elerly age, they root themselves to the ground again and spread their seeds and so the cycle continues.


The Aurians live in small aerial cities that float above the forests. The reason why is because they wanted room for nature to grow on land which is why they abandoned their previous structures to let nature reclaim her land. However, some still return to the ground to explore the beautiful environment of their world and there are even individuals who have established tribe-like societies to feel more "connected" to nature.

While they haven't colonized any other worlds, they have still visited narby systems and like to explore the other wonders their galaxy has to offer. Their ships are disk shaped and are a dark purplish colour and are capable of FTL travel. They even have a large "mothership" which contains various forest-like habitats for Aurians to live in. They have no weapons as they are a naturally pacifistic race.


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