With absolutely frigid clouds that will slowly freeze and kill organic life, Avitius is a gas giant that is often called the 'Pastel Planet' for a very good reason, mostly due to its iodine and sulfur-infused clouds, giving the planet a unique appearance. It orbits Suquina, a star located within the Milky Way.

Avitius's Moons

Ordered in closest to farthest Orbital Period Diameter Type Moon
Ratrillon 8h50m35.19s 140.78 km Dwarf
Uchuavis 9h48m48.51s 141.98 km Dwarf
Jaywei 11h09m58.37s 150.85 km Dwarf
Resis 26h22m00.10s 5830.09 km Moon
Lunetta 2.439 days 2677.51 km Moon
Miakoda 5.412 days 3251.11 km Moon
Jushara 69.291 days 235.46 km Dwarf
Badr 71.561 days 254.25 km Dwarf
Zaharis 74.32 days 266.69 km Dwarf
Khons 77.005 days 358.45 km Dwarf
Lewanna 80.775 days 389.61 km Dwarf
Anahid 85.705 days 430.47 km Moon
Jacy 90.589 days 471.3 km Moon
Broamia 93.944 days 8.19 km Dwarf
Otruke 95.997 days 9.63 km Dwarf
Jeimia 99.465 days 11.19 km Dwarf
Cedrilles 103.689 days 12.63 km Dwarf
Roplars 108.458 days 17.28 km Dwarf
Clesebos 110.414 days 18.9 km Dwarf
Quswillon 112.928 days 20.84 km Dwarf
Trars 116.203 days 22.67 km Dwarf
Cuchairtania 121.569 30.14 km Dwarf


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