Aya is a G-type yellow dwarf in the Sagittarius dwarf Spheroidal galaxy and is the home system of the Shevins.


The star is 1.13 solar masses in size and takes 28 days to rotate. It is slightly more luminous than Sol and is older being 5.9 billion years old.

During ancient times, Shevins worshipped Aya as the god/goddess of creation and thought of it to be at the center of all existence with the other planets being seen as Aya's children.


Aya is orbited by 10 planets, 2 of which, have life. Three sentient species have arisen in this system, being the Shevins of Edana and the Urqels and Qods on Deiona, however only the Shevins are actually capable of space travel as the two other races on Deiona are still fairly primitive despite being classed as sentient.

The Shevins have colonised the entire system although unlike Humans and Xa'Thins, they haven't terraformed any of the system's other planets. The reason why is because they want to keep their planets as they are.


Name Moons Population Image
Sojos 3 6 million
Balaris 3 2 billion
Deiona None Unspecified
Edana 11 6.13 billion
Gamouri None 5.47 billion
Mirus 12 4.15 billion
Alvara 2 20 thousand
Inos 100 3.9 billion
Xisym None 3.2 billion
Damastus 1 None


Past to Present

5.9 billion BCE: Aya is forming, the planet taking shape in the surrounding stellar disc.

4.10 billion BCE: simple life emerges on Deiona.

4.9 billion BCE: Asteroids containing microorganisms bring life to Edana. Evolution soon starts to take place in the primordial seas.

2 billion BCE: Multicellular life begins to flourish on Deiona and Edana.

1.7 billion BCE: Gamouri's moon crosses the Roche limit and is torn apart, forming a large, beautiful ring around it, and leaving the planet without any moons.

4-5 million BCE: Shevins evolve

Not finished yet

Distant Future

3.7 billion CE: Aya is expected to expand into a red giant, engulfing Sojos, Balaris and possibly Deiona. Edana will be reduced to a scorched hellscape of lava flows. Tempratures on Gamouri could rise, turning the planet into a hotter desert world. The sheer heat from Aya might melt the surfaces of Quinus and Onar, possibly turning them into humid water worlds. Some of the moons of Inos could become temperate oceanias along with Alvara. Xisym may become a cold water world with small icy continents and drifting glaciers.

Also not finished yet

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