Azrohec is a moon of Xaridge VII, and the first colony of the Xaridgar.


Azrohec is a fairly large and close-orbiting moon, with a diameter of 9394 kilometres and an orbit distance of approximately 190,000 kilometres from the surface of Xaridge VII. The atmosphere of Azrohec gives it a pink hue, and from the surface of the moon the horizon glows bright pink. The terrain itself is mostly desert, with many mountain ranges and volcanoes across the landscape.

The name itself comes from the ancient Xaridgar god of war. It was named this due to the many active volcanoes on its surface.


Xaridge VIIa was first discovered using Xaridgar telescopes in 1950. The Xaridgar's first research craft was sent towards the moon's parent planet, Xaridge VII, in 1999. The planet was determined to be a gas giant and not suitable for colonization, but its moon system was scanned and Xaridge VIIa was determined suitable for future colonization.

In the year 2125, the Xaridge Authority sent their first colony ship towards Xaridge VIIa. It arrived a year later, in late 2126. The colony was set up and the moon was renamed to Azrohec. More colony ships were sent to Azrohec for inhabitation. By 2130, 500,000 Xaridgar lived on the moon.

A small research colony was built on the side of Esk Nurah, one of the largest volcanoes on Azrohec, in 2145. The colony was set up to investigate the volcano. Over the next few years, scientists in the colony worked out how to harness the volcano to produce energy. This method was later put in place on other volcanoes across the moon.

In 2154 the government of Azrohec was briefly taken over by political extremists, who believed that using the volcanoes to generate power would "anger" the ecosystem and cause an apocalypse. The government was soon stabilized and went back to normal after three months.

By 2200 Azrohec had half a million inhabitants. Sections of the moon had been terraformed in order to sustain life more easily. The first space station to orbit around Azrohec, the Nekrofayr Broadcast Facility, was launched in 2246. The Facility ran on the power generated from the volcanoes and was used to broadcast information and signals to nearby planets.


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