"Our purpose here is simple. We protect the Borealis Cluster from threats that would be ignored by everyone else, mostly hostile AI's. But we do more than that here... Sorry, I can't answer that, all I can say is that the supernatural definitely does not exist, alright?" -Delg Krall, former Rank X BAIRC Agent
The Bureau of AI Relations and Containment or BAIRC is a large Bureaucracy responsible for regulating AI's and other self-aware entities. The Bureau was founded in 2034 CE in the United States, before being carried over to the URSS, then the CoB, and finally The Intergalctic Council  as roughly the same agency. The agency is currently headquartered in Messier 74 due to it's historical neutrality.


The bureau has several billion agents, most of which are enforcers that carry out the destruction of any hostile or dangerous artificial intelligence. Due to the large amount of resources under the control of the organization, it is often tasked with the containment of biological hazards, or other dangerous substances, such as The Cooperative and deposits of Strange Matter.

Many reject the idea of anomalous objects, and officially, they do not exist. Regardless of this, many objects that some call "anomalous" that continue to defy explanation are contained by the organization. They are classified as "aberrancies" in the internal cataloging system.

Classification System

This system is based on a human alphabet originating on Earth. This system classifies the types of entities that BAIRC regularly interacts with. There are 4 main classes and several sub classes.

Main Classes


An AI is a program that exists computers. While not necessarily self-aware, BAIRC usually only deals with AI's that are.


A BI (Biological/Born Intelligence) is an intelligent organism. The lines get blurry when cybernetics are involved, but the official cut-off is 50% biological for something to be considered a BI. Since most individuals are no where near 50%, the cut-off is rarely mentioned.


A CI (Copied Intelligence) is a copy of a BI uploaded to a computer. While rare, there are still trillions of them to be kept track of by BAIRC. They are functionally no different than AI's, but legal rights over the copy and the original often occur. CI's have all the rights that normal people have.



A DI (Disabled Intelligence) is a class that exists to distinguish destroyed or defunct AI in the database of BAIRC.


An EI (External Intelligence) is a Hive Mind of many BI's. They can either be biologically or artificially connected together. Either way, they are similar to Super-intelligences in sheer might, so they are also monitored closely.


An FI (Faithful Intelligence) is an AI or CI that has been altered in such a way to prevent it from hurting any sapient individual. Most AI's are also FI's.


A GI (God Intelligence) is any entity that has enough processing power to simulate an entire galaxy down to quantum particles. There have only been only three entities that have this level of intelligence.


An HI (


An II (Infectious Intelligence; Pronounced "Double II") is

Other Classes


An XI (Exotic Intelligence) is an AI that operates in an exotic way. Boltzmann brains and other spontaneous AI's that weren't programmed to be intelligent are under this classification. They can be very dangerous since they can operate in unpredictable ways that may not even be possible to simulate using standard computing. There are only 4 known XI's in existence.


The Bureau has jurisdiction over every single nation that is a part of the Intergalactic Council. It has a somewhat large fleet used to destroy or capture all types of AI's. The Bureau has had to orbitally bombard planets hundreds of times in their history to destroy all sorts of self-replicating or hostile AI's.

The organization has the power to seize property, force planets to evacuate, and even condemn mega-strucutres that may be infected with an AI. This causes many to view the organization as a necessary evil.


The current leader of this organization, Leg'd Kel'd (a Horuth ), was appointed by the Intergalactic Council in 199947. The rest of the organization is selected via promotions from lower ranks, much like a military.

The ranks are divided into 10 levels, Rank I to X. With rank XIII individuals being the equivalent to generals, and rank I individuals being individuals like privates

Current Activities

Currently, the Bureau is dealing with spreading as much information as possible about The Exhumation, or, the discovery of two Alpha Class AI's called The Administrator and DELYATU. It does not have a large enough fleet to directly intervene, but it does have the ability to call on militias if need be.

The Bureau has also been trying to rid the universe of The Pestilence, an Iota class group of Von Neumann Probes that have plagued the universe since the Fornax War. As time goes on, the organization learns more and more ways to destroy the probes, but they estimate that the probes will continue being a problem for millennia or so.

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