The Bureau of AI Relations and Containment or BAIRC is a large Bureaucracy responsible for regulating AI's and other self-aware entities. The Bureau was founded in 2034 CE in the United States, before being carried over to the URSS, then the CoB as roughly the same agency.


The bureau has millions of agents, most of which are enforcers that carry out the destruction of any hostile artificial intelligence.

Classification System

This system is based on a human alphabet originating on Earth. This system classifies breaches of AI's from least dangerous to most dangerous. The threat levels of the AI's increase greatly as the list goes down.

Breach classifications

  • Iota Class: Any AI that is non-self-aware. An AI meeting these requirements is usually a self-replicating nanomachine or a rogue starship. They could still be a very dangerous event, with a possible millions bale to die from a breach on this level.
  • Theta Class: Any self-aware AI that is not connected to the internet when going rogue. This includes androids that have committed crimes.
  • Eta Class: A self-aware AI that is incapable of improving itself while being able to connect to the internet.
  • Zeta Class: A highly destructive non-self-aware AI that can self replicate in cyberspace, causing any computer infected to be destroyed.
  • Epsilon Class: A self-aware AI that can replicate in cyberspace, causing much more destruction.
  • Delta Class: A self Aware AI capable of self-improving that has decided to destroy any self-aware species.
  • Gamma Class: A self-aware AI that is capable of self-improving and has taken action to destroy any species.
  • Beta Class: Any self-aware AI that has the ability to wipe out a species and has taken actions to do so.
  • Kappa Class: A self-aware AI that has the ability to traverse beyond their star system of origin
  • Lambda Class: A self-aware AI that is capable of self-replication, as well as construction of large structures. (Dyson spheres, star lifters, etc)
  • Alpha Class: (A classification that has remained unused until last year) An AI that controls one or more galaxies capable of multi galactic conquest.
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