Bakari is a warm D-class world and homeworld of the Losuuai.


Bakari as seen from orbit


Being the biggest moon of Angriel, Bakari (RS 1190-59-7-318044-146 4.1 in is the only one that supports life. It's semimajor axis from Angriel is 63353.567 km. The moon is about the same age as it's parent planet, which is around 8.6 billion years.


Surface diff-1445547949

Map of Bakari

With a diameter of 4219 km and a mean temperature of 102°C, Bakari is not only bigger than Luna, but also significant hotter. It is tidally locked to Angriel, it orbits the planet and itself in 23 hours, 22 minutes and 47 seconds.


Bakari's atmosphere consists of 96.7% of nitrogen, 3.2% of argon and 0.1% of methane. There aren't many clouds in the atmosphere, and only one single storm occurs in it.


Bakari is the homeworld of the Losuuai, a humanoid species similar to humans. After the [[Angriel-Bakari}} war, most of Bakari's infrastructure was destroyed, so the Tarcav, the victors of the war, built small camps near the ruins of the metropolises for their new slaves to live. Today, the Losuuai mine minerals that the Tarcav need to build and power their ships.

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