Balaris is a hot tidally locked D-class in the Aya system and is home to a major mining operation that the Shevins have there.


The second planet orbiting Aya, Balaris features a massive hurricane, caused by its tidal locking. Beneath this hurricane are violent, neverending sandstorms. Other forms of weather include, dust devils (bigger than the ones on Mars) and strong winds that are carried over from the cyclonic storm.

Balaris has three moons, one S-class world named Bania and two captured asteroids. There are a few small domed colonies on Bania, located in its craters and only has a population of around 3.2 million. The two other moons are more or less left alone.

The Shevins have a major mining operation there due to the abundance of minerals underground. Entire domed cities have also been constructed underground as well, looking very bright and beautiful amongst the caverns. Subsurface railway networks enable travel from city to city in an instant as well transportation of different minerals.


Being a desert world, Balaris doesnt have much to offer in terms of landscape as it is a barren wasteland dotted with some mountain ranges here and there.

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