Former warm, current temperate E-Class moon of Hyperion and member world of the Thulcandran Federation.

Local Life

While initially the moon had no life, thanks in part to advanced genetic engineering many different lifeforms were created that could live in the new environment.


It was discovered in 3292 alongside its parent planet Hyperion.
Barsoom (3)

Barsoom from the surface of Hyperion

The world was named Barsoom because of its resemblance to Mars geographically. The planet was

terraformed to better suit human life and soon Barsoomian civilization spread across the planet.

Today Barsoom culture is very

diverse and the humans there have evolved to become tall and lithe humanoid beings.
Barsoom (2)

Map of Barsoon. Note the uncanny resemblance to Mars.


Barsoomian culture is very diverse. There have even been places named after the nations, cities and kingdoms of the fictitious Barsoom. The nation of Helium is the largest on that world.

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