B Star

Named for its discoverer Dr. Johann Bartman, this small black hole (RS 8412-1792-8-9446706-548 in 9.7.3.), located 42.9 light years from Earth, was the sight of the first time travel experiments by using black holes by Dr. Bartman from 2139 to 2142.

Bartman’s Star is small for a black hole, only 29.5 km in diameter. Dr. Bartman managed to get funding from the URSS’s medical wing to attempt a time travel experiment that, if successful, could help critically ill patients by placing them in orbit of the black hole so that the doctors could find time to come up with a method of saving the patient without the restrictions of time.


Image of the shuttle returning from its experiment in 2142

The experiment, which involved placing a small shuttle in close orbit from 2139 to 2142 was a success, paving the way for future missions.

The star, along with the antiquated space station that Bartman used as well as the experimental shuttle, are now a museum orbiting the black hole.

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