Basaten is a frozen T-Class world in the Galvania galaxy and the home world of the Taans.

Its surface is mostly land, with many seas and lakes of liquid methane. However, due to the dense cloud layer, the surface remains hidden to the Universe.

Cristall City, the capital city of Basaten, is situated in the southern hemisphere and supports a population of 100 million people. 


In Taan mythology, the seas were believed to host large squid-like monsters that could throw anything high into the clouds and disappear from existence. Over time, they became more sceptical and threw the creature's existence into question.

Taans typically don't believe in gods, although a few cults certainly believe so. 

Life & Climate

The life on Basaten evolved in methane seas, unlike Earth. Presently, most animals use infrared light for sight. Plants appear dark pink as they absorb colour-altering nutrients.


Like most planets, Basaten formed out of a disc of dust and gas surrounding its infant sun. After several millions of years, microbial life developed in the seas, before climbing on to land only 100 million years ago.

As little as 1 million years ago, a very small species called the Taans first appeared. Hunting and scavenging for thousands of years, they gradually built deadlier weapons and small villages. For most of this time, they had no knowledge of a bigger Universe as the clouds were so opaque no light from the surface could escape.

As of the present day, they have territory spanning their entire galaxy with a few settlements in other nearby galaxies. The Warp Drive and equality among them are among their proudest accomplishments.

For two decades, Basaten's major cities became warzones as protestors tried to overthrow the Kingdoms. The Kingdoms were united in their cause to crush the global resistance movement. The conflict became widely known as the Fryda Revolution. By the end of the conflict, the Taans were united under a peacemaking and stable government - the United Kingdoms of Basaten

In the 120000s, the entire planet endured deacdes of heavy orbital bombardment. Galvania threw itself into a galactic war (the Galvanian War) that fractured the Kingdoms and killed trillions of lives. The war was the deadliest conflict in the history of the Taans.

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