Bastrill is An E-Class planet outside of the Large Magellanic Cloud cloud galaxy, this planet will show our home galaxy in the night sky, It's like the earth but with less water and more heat,


Humans arrived in this place in year 69973 with special equipment so they don't die from ageing and heat. There were no alien lifeforms or anything like grass the and most of the water is gone from the heat. so they are focusing on making life on bastrill better


bastrill has 6 Moons: Besanroid, Veronica, Clide, Gon, Suko, Sanisto

How humanity lives on Bastrill

only 12 people live on bastrill and those are astronauts,

the astronauts send back the information to them how its on bastrill

since its very hot on bastrill they carry suits with cold equipment on them so they can survive and not burn to crisp

and since its very hot on bastrill they have to set up protected heatproof houses.

hopefully tourists can live on bastrill one day with protected suits after they build dome cities on bastrill

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