The Battle of Feroktus Neebo was a 16 day conflict on the planet of Liminibus between the forces of the New Free State and the Boronskepp Corp controlled Liminibus Special Administration Zone. It took place from 12 August 3715 - 29 August 3715 in and around the city of Feroktus Neebo.


At the beginning of the battle, the War for Supreme Control had been going on for 13 months. Boronskepp had taken over much of the Free State's territory, but knew that their front line had been overstretched to the point that it was unable to be sustained. The Boronskepp armies needed more soldiers, food, transportation, and fuel in order to maintain the front line. In order to keep the momentum forward, Boronskepp's corporate overheads, the Board of Directors, initiated Mission 15 which had the goal of securing the precious bongtanium deposits that were located near the Free State city of Feroktus Neebo, which heavily relied on the bongtanium deposits to support its economy. The battle-hardened Boronskepp 1st Army and elements of the newly trained but untried 3rd Army were deployed to carry out this mission. The LSAZAF 14th and 38th Bomber Squadrons were sent on strategic bombing missions to take out infantry positions.

Thanks to the intelligence gathered by the special forces operative First Sergeant Euphemia G. Willis, the Free State learnt of Boronskepp's plans. The Free State mobilized the Ugad Army (UgA), which was made of recruits from the province of Ugad. The Free State also combined the remains of 12th Division and the 89th Division to form the New Essom Army (NEA). The New Essom Army was composed of veterans of the brutal Bisrum Campaign, making this unit the most experienced troops to defend Feroctus Neebo. In addition, the Feroktus Neebo Militia (FrNM) was present to help in the defense of the city.

Feroktus Neebo was a medium sized city of 450,000 inhabitants.

Beginning stages

The Boronskepp 1st Army spearheaded the advance toward Feroctus Neebo. They faced little resistance aside from sporadic firefights with Free State partisans. However, the famed LSAZ war hero Captain Gomar J. Hirosaki was shot and killed in one of these firefights.

On 12 August at 10:13:22 PM, Boronskepp bombers began bombing the forward positions of the NEA. The NEA were forced to retreat to the city, where the bombers would not target the precious mining equipment that Boronskepp planned to use for themselves.

At first light on 13 August 5:33:59 AM, the 1st Army's 1st Armored Division and 12th Infantry Division launched an assault on the city against the 19th Division of the NEA.

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