The Battle of Larsone is a battle fought between the Giokans and Humans during the First Galactic War in 9122.


Larsone was first found in 9060, four years after the declaration of the Milky Way's first galactic war. It was then discovered to be a frozen world with an atmosphere of methane and nitrogen. A colony was setup by a small colonisation group in 9088 and was controlled by a terrifying president. When the Confederacy of Humanity found out about the problem in 9089, they soon sent two starcruisers and a super-starcruiser instructed and led by commander Lalda Tine who unfortunately died on the front lines of the battle.


The Confederacy of Humanity had already taken control of some comet mining stations and bases, including Sky One Base. After Sky One was captured, they soon moved towards Larsone in battle with the local colonist soldiers.


Control of the planet was possible after the Confederacy had taken over the colonies and soon put in place a new government and democracy. Unfortunately, many lives were lost and almost a half a million hearts were broken due to their loss of family members or friends. The planet became controlled by a young princess in 9124 named Nerla Berone.

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