The Battle of Oarr was a battle that most consider to be the spark of the rising tensions between Humans and the Dremeli. The planet was colonised by a rogue group of human colonists, however, as centuries passed, they were soon rediscovered by the Dremeli which led to a five month long battle between the two species.

It led to a crushing defeat for the human colonists and resulted in nearly a million evacuated humans, forced to move to another star system that would not interfere with Dremeli territorial expansion.


The human colonists at the small, planet Dremeli were forced out of the star system and moved to another planet, due to the Dremeli intentions to declare and threaten war. Oarr, a small, desert planet only fifteen light years from Dremeli, was detected in a close binary system. The colonists had targeted the planet and warped through space for less than a month. For centuries, they hid away and built a city based upon a highly-scientific society and culture. The population grew and reached 6 million within the first hundred years. 

Unexpectedly, the Dremeli suddenly expanded their influence, which engulfed the system the humans were hiding in. In fear of being discovered, the population engaged in large, war drills in case of a sudden invasion. 

Once the Dremeli detected the human colonists, they armed themselves and landed the first wave of troops and tanks near the northern regions of the planet. Over time, the troops made their way towards the city, and beginning the battle. The second wave of troops arrived in two weeks and ceased human control over the city. The human colonists evacuated and escaped Oarr, travelling onboard large starships towards the planet Vaad, nearly forty-three light years away. They arrived within a year and setup another city, doing no better than the previous city they constructed.

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