The Battle of Petram was a short lived conflict between the Human Alliance of Ambrosia and the True Alliance of Man on the dwarf planet Petram of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy on June 16th 10388 CE. The battle served as the catalyst for the First Alliance War.

The Battle of Petram

The battle was caused because the True Alliance of Man wanted to make their presence as a serious movement known to the Human Alliance of Ambrosia. The attack took the Human Alliance by complete surprise, the idea of such a young rebel group to be able to attack a world within the capital system was unheard of.

A small True Alliance fleet hid within the craters of Petram's dwarf moon, Myoone, while operatives planet side rigged a critical fueling vehicle to detonate upon reaching it's fueling depot.

Once the explosion was triggered, a small but deadly fleet of twenty one fighters launched from the dwarf moon towards Iron Crater. With the combination of ground and space fighter assault, the Petram Station guards were overwhelmed, and the colony fell under the True Alliance's control for about four hours.

Once reinforcements arrived from Haven, the True Alliance was defeated with ease. Per True Alliance code, those who survived the battle took their own lives in order to not be captured. The attack confused the Human Alliance, strategically it made no sense. However, victory was not the intent. The True Alliance wanted to make it clear they can strike at any moment, even in their capital.

The attack was a success. It created civil unrest, and distrust in the Human Alliance's ability to protect it's people. After the battle, the First Alliance War began.

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