Belef with it's biggest moon Terot

Belef (or RS 1186-1407-7-506455-54 4 in is a warm E-Class world in the Andromeda galaxy and homeworld of the Clospet.


Belef is located in the Aothor system and orbits it as the fourth planet. It supports both marine and terrestrial life. It's semimajor axis from Aothor is 0.871 AU. With an age of around 8.6 billion years, it has 6 moons, 5 of them captured asteroids, the remaining one is a temperate S-Class world called Terot.


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Map of Belef

Belef has a diameter of 13820 km with a mean temperature of 100°C. It orbits itself in 14 hours, 23 minutes and 40 seconds. It orbits it's parent star in 308.153 Earth days.


Belef's atmosphere consists of 67% nitrogen, 32% oxygen, 0.9% carbon dioxide and 0.1% neon. Due to it's temperature, water vapors quickly, resulting in many clouds and a few storms.


Belef is home to a species called the Clospet, a Mid Type II civilization which is spreading quickly in their neighborhood. Other beings which resemble the Earth's jaguar live and hunt in the northern regions of Belef. Ocean life had a hard time evolving since the water is almost too hot for carbon based life to develop.

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