Bellataine is an icy dwarf planet with a mineral composition that scientists remarked as being very similar to Pluto. It orbits Suquina, a star located within the Milky Way.

Bellataine's Moons

Ordered in closest to farthest Orbital Period Diameter Type Moon
Teyrus 7h51m44.25s 82.64 km Dwarf
Muraco 10h37m50.87s 87.09 km Dwarf
Pamuya 42h18m04.6s 1407.03 km Moon
Badru 6.64 days 1390.2 km Moon
Migina 12.884 days 1349.41 km Moon
Wiogawa 226.654 days 131.92 km Dwarf
Iocleon 243.197 days 140.64 km Dwarf
Blevabos 269.69 days 148.53 km Dwarf
Skofepra 310.508 days 193.27 km Dwarf


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