Capture Bellax

Image of Bellenx from orbit.


Bellenx (RSC 8476-5-4-507-40 4) is the fourth planet from the Sun of its system (known as Rath to natives, known to humanity as RSC 8476-5-4-507-40) in the Small Magellanic Cloud (known as the Half-Sky Belt to natives). Other prominent galaxies in the night sky include the Large Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way. It is classified as a warm terra, orbiting an orange dwarf (K5.3 V) at 0.32 AU. The planet makes 6 revolutions for every rotation (Revolution: 78.196 days, rotation: 1.285 years), meaning half of the planet is in darkness for 3 years, and half is in sunlight. The planet has 5 dwarf moons (In order of distance: Brackeh, Ilt, Paris, Packue, and Pelletus). The atmosphere is rather thick, with surface pressure of 22.4 atm. The gravity is 1.2213 g with a mass of 1.4046 Earth masses and a diameter of 1.0724 Earth diameters. Approximately half of the planet is ocean, while the remaining surface area is land. The planet also has a surface temperature of 35 Celsius. Yet, despite this, life flourishes on this planet.


Capture Sh'Rath

An image of Sh'Rath

The Bellenx exhibit the Orville Effect, as they have remained attached to their religion through their Intergalactic Golden Age. Their religious makeup is 97% Bellenx Creationism, 2% Atheist, and 1% other religions. The capital (Sh'Rath) is on an island with an inland sea, in which they sacrifice approximately 30% of their materials. The Bellenx have created a unified planetary government. They have colonized 5 bodies (Their moons) and have plans to make an extra planetary colony in the next few decades. These beings are one of the few intelligent species to not have joined LGAMP (Local Group Alliance of Mutual Protection), so not much is known of their political system. What is known is that they have a global absolute monarchy, the only known space travelling species to have such a system.

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