Bendis (RS 8474-694-7-16434-83 A9 in SpaceEngine is ninth planet of Zagrei Prime, Zagrei System and fifth planet to be colonized by humans. Once a frozen T-class world, now is an temperate E-class world. It is homeworld of Nives, an flying amphibious human subspecies. Discovered in the 30000s, Bendis is quite an ancient colony, with many sprawling cities.


Physical and orbital characteristics

Bendis orbits Zagrei Prime every 37.687 earth years, at a distance of 11.20AU. Its gravity is quite low, at 0.73 Gs, making the Humans adapt to become taller over the generations.


Bendis experiences a seasonal cycle similar to that of Earth, axial tilt being 23 degrees. Colossal fusion nuclear power plants, alongside many heat generator plants maintained by robotic drones, keep an average temperature of 25.664°C. Because Bendis have only one continent, there are many interior icy deserts on Bendis in which temperatures can get as low as -115.37 °C.


Before thickening its atmosphere, it has a thin atmosphere of 0.135 atm consisted of 99.6% N2, 0.184% Ar, 0.157% CO and traces of helium and neon. After thickening its atmosphere, it has now a thick atmosphere (1.98) of 70.35 % nitrogen, 11.11 % oxygen, 18 % neon and 0.54 carbon dioxide.


Bendis was the fifth colony to be established by humans in Zagrei System in 30790. The thickening of its atmosphere, being technical terraforming, was shorter than on other world of this system, being completed in 31067. The early colonists have genetically modified themselves to be rather amphibious, and have adopted traits such hollow bones, and a large amount of blubber for keeping in heat in the underground ice deserts. 


Bendis has a population of 3 billion inhabitants. They live in and around great lakes of Bendis. The inhabitants are tall, slender, and with minimal muscle mass. The native creatures, called Nives, lived in a matriarchal society led by females before being found by the FUSS, or rather the Confederacy of Borealis. Their males are more aggressive and nerdier than human baseline males, for this reason they were soldier,hunters and scholars. Natives practices a religion called Mydianism, a polytheistic religion based on worship of three goddesses Mydia(mother goddess),Lalena (wisdom's goddess),Ara (goddess of the night). The clergy of this religion is formed of females and effeminate males. Nivens celebrates large families, the more children a woman have, the more is respected by other women and men. Bendis is now a popular tourist destination because her location in Milky Way,her seven major moons and her large ring system.


Name Mass Radius Gravity Orbital Period Rotation Period Class
Cotiso 0.0095442 M⊕ 0.27299R⊕ 0.12807 g 23h30m53s.30 Tidally locked Cool selena
Laura 0.011044 M⊕ 0.30436 R⊕ 0.11922 g 4.562 earth days Tidally locked Frozen selena
Maria 0.012789 M⊕ 0.30045 R⊕ 0.14167 g 9.841 earth days Tidally locked Frozen ice world
Dardanos 0.014827 M⊕ 0.33518 R⊕ 0.13198 g 21.277 earth days Tidally locked Frozen ice world
Mucatra 0.017222 M⊕ 0.33115 R⊕ 0.15706 g 45.781 earth days Tidally locked Frozen ice world
Oroles 0.037896 M⊕ 0.031015 R⊕ 0.0039396 g 2.245 earth days 11.191 earth days Frozen ice world
Scorylo 0.059175 M⊕ 0.042546 R⊕ 0.0032691 g 2.317 earth years 12.215 earth days Frozen ice world


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