"-My god... How could such a protected thing be destroyed so easily?!" -Confederate General of the mIlitary, 184310 CE during a speech following the destruction of Besaa-1258

Planet Besaa-1258


Besaa-1258 was discovered by the Besaa Program, an exploration program meant to travel and colonize worlds in faraway galaxies, much farther than any other colonies before them. it was a cold, snowy world. filled with pine like trees and beautiful mountain ranges, it was a popular tourist world in the galaxy, as the distance from the Milky Way meant the colonists did not have the ability to travel to the many resort-worlds in the Milky Way empires. in the year 164432, as more and more people lived there, the world moved away from tourism and closer to a scientific outpost, as the freezing cold seemed to be impossible, as it was very close to its star. this was later found to be due to a terraforming device, hidden within the world's frozen core.


As The Seekers begin to appear, the world quickly became devoted to military establishments. due to its extreme distance to the milky way, if the milky way and nearby galaxy empires were wiped out Besaa-1258 could survive for eons afterwards. by the start of the war, almost all the planet's population were involved with either the military or the science bases. in the middle of the war, scientists had thought they had re-discovered a version of the Dimensional Drive, a technology completely lost after previous tests ended in disaster. the scientists worked furiously to try to recreate it, then to improve it so an event like the Diamond Incident would not happen again.


it was not long before The Seekers heard about the technology. determined to prevent nations from The Borealis Cluster to escape into new galactic clusters, they tried searching for the world over and over again. finally, it was discovered. the terraforming device was located, and a strike team was sent down to destroy it. with the device destroyed, the world began heating up almost instantly some people realized what was going on and escaped into spaceships. most either burned to death from the intense heat, or died from the radiation the terraforming device once protected against


*Teams were later dispatched to find the dimensional drive, but it was broken beyond repair.

*It is still unknown how the terraforming device was put there, or who set it up and why. whoever did it, their empire has long since collapsed, or rendered lost.

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