A warm O-Class world and home of the Udrann.


Located in the same system as Kotalia (RS 8409-1353-8-11901533-386 A in, this world was discovered in 2273 and supports diverse life alongside its colder sister world. Its semimajor axis is 0.07 AU from its parent star. It has one captured asteroid for a moon and a set of rings larger than Kotalia.


Bircerl has a diameter of 10398 km with a mean temperature of 51 °C. While its night side is icy, there is less ice on the back due to the winds from the storm blowing warm air back. It is tidally locked, only orbiting its parent star once every 31.6 days.


Like most tidally locked oceanic worlds, Bircerl’s own storm has been raging as long, if not longer, than Kotalia’s, mostly due to the large amount of greenhouse gasses that keep the planet from freezing. The atmospheric pressure on the planet is much stronger than its sister world at about 8.3 atm.



Bircerl from its only moon

This world, being much warmer, had an easier time of developing life. Most species live near the terminator and one or two have even crawled out of the oceans to live on the warmer portions of the icy night side. Thanks to the thick atmosphere those “land” animals are slower than terrestrial animals.

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