A Black Dwarf Farm, as the name suggests, is the use of black dwarfs as a point for life. Black dwarfs are completely frozen, and no energy comes off of them. However, Quantum fluctuations would cause photons and anti-photons to pop into existence(Virtual particles) and Collide in Annihilation. With this, two options are possible.

  1. Use the heat energy from these collisions to power the habitat
  2. Direct the anti-photons onto the Black dwarf, and use the Photons to power the habitat.

The Second option creates better efficiency, but will deplete the black dwarf beneath. However, with the high density and mass of the black dwarf, it will take extraordinary amounts of time for One black dwarf to deplete. Black Dwarf Farms will most likely be the last power source in the universe. With this, All life could live in the cold universe for possibly one undecillion(1 with 36 zeros) years, much longer than anything else will last. However, these panels would have to be incredibly large, as one photon is barely any power. Humans and Polinians are working to design the first panel, and it will go live in 1 Million ACE.

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