Blicu is a nation of 30 billion stars in the Ginga Galaxy. Blicu is not technically a nation, rather, it is a

megacorporation. The Wevdans are the race that inhabits this nation.


Blicu is a corporation that manufactures construction drones and war drones. It has Septillion C-Unit deals with many other companies due to the unique nature of the drones it sells.


The convenient aspect of the drones is that they can fit together modularly. They can be easily modified with cheap extensions, making them cost-effective. The patented design is the only revenue stream for the company.

War Drones

These drones have a single antimatter cannon which fires one microgram of antimatter per shot. They can be modified to have rail guns, particle cannons, or a kamikaze style of attacking.

Construction Drones

The drones have a brilliant design allowing for an overall much cheaper construction cost. The drones are capable of linking together to form structures as well as using materials to build.

When linking together, the drones melt the insides of themselves, leaving behind a cube with a complex system of trusses and supports inside.



Wevda was the name of the civilization that preceded Blicu. It existed from around 125000 to 199045. The civilizations controlled 20 billion stars at its peak in 199000, before losing millions to mega-corporations like Blicu.

Wevda eventually collapsed from the inside, leaving the people and resources of the nation to the hundreds of mega-corporations. The corporations fought with each other until 199045 when a hostile takeover of the other corporations by Blicu occurred.

Modern Blicu

Blicu took over every corporation, making it the only form of organization in the entire nation. It forced every citizen to become an employee, as well as every planet to be property of Blicu.

The only thing Blicu sells outside of its own borders is the drones, while it pays all of its employees with food, water, and housing.


Blicu is a plutocracy, which means the wealthy of Blicu rule the nation. The only wealthy individuals are those that own a share of the company. Only 500 Wevdans actually own stock, with the rest working for meager wages.


The military of Blicu is almost exclusively made of drones. There are well over 77 quadrillion drones in service, with quadrillions more in storage ready to defend the corporation at any time.

Any Wevdans that are in the military serve symbolic positions or as guards for the extremely wealthy.


The current revenue/GDP of Blicu is 9 septillion, making it one of the top two hundred corporations in the universe. The company built a total of 55 Quintillion drones, with the vast majority of them being construction drones.

Their largest source of revenue is the high-interest loans that they give out with almost no qualifications necessary. These loans were essential in the formation of The Empire of Nihon. This made the two nations on good terms with each other.

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