The inhabitants of the Yegassin galaxy.

Physical Description

The Bolga are tall creatures with an average height of 2 metres and appear to be in humanoid form. Their light green skin resembles a reptile from Earth. They have four eyes, two predatorial purposes and two for watching out for other predators which are placed slightly away from the face.

They can live for almost 200 years.


The Bolga gene tree traces back to 7 million years ago. Roughly 400,000 years ago, modern Bolga evolved with unexpected intentions to spread their influence across the cosmos. Tribes and camps were built across the planet as those sprouted into towns and ultimately modern civilisation. 

Their space program was intiated in 2947 BCE with missions to their neighbouring planets, colonising them within only a few decades. Terraformation took another century to accomplish. In 2831 BCE, they formed the Yegassin Republic which controlled and monitored their local star systems for a thousand years until they began colonising the galaxy.

As of the year 100,000 CE, they currently measure themselves as one of the first Type VII civilisations discovered by the Confederacy of Humanity. In 96,311 CE, they transported themselves into the once-hypothetical hyperverse, the space between universes and began searching for a new universe to colonise.

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