Capture Brackeh

An image of Brackeh, as taken by the Sh'Rath 18 space probe.


Brackeh is the 1st moon of Bellenx, known as RSC-8476-5-4-507-40 4.D1 by humans. It is classified as a warm asteroid, orbiting a warm terra at 19832.38 km. The planet is tidally locked (Revolution/Rotation: 6 hours, 31 minutes, 45.64 seconds). The moon has no moons. There is no atmosphere. The gravity is 0.00013434 with a mass of 0.00000000026528 Earth masses and a diameter of 0.0014052 Earth diameters. It also has an approximate density of 0.5 grams per cubic centimeter. There is no natural water, and the surface temperature is 43 Celsius.


This moon has been colonized by the Bellenx. There are 2 colonies, Brackeh-1 and Brackeh-4. Brackeh-2 and 3 were failures. The religious makeup is 100% Bellenx Creationist. They follow Bellenx law and abide by their previous political decisions.

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