Hello, interested wiki user! I am Mittence1, an active member of this great community. This page that I am about to make will highlight on the do's and dont's of what you want to do when making any article on this Wikia. Below, I will tell you how I have run things around, and what steps you should take in creating articles.

Step 0: Get SpaceEngine

SpaceEngine is a planetarium-based software, and it is available at their website, The version on their website is 0.980, but it is quite outdated. The new version is currently on Steam for $20. However, you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to. Simply get 0.980 or earlier versions. If you don't want to get SpaceEngine at all, you can easily improvise by creating nice empires, editing other articles to improve them, or ask a kind community member (Most accessible on the Discord) to make a world for you. ((Please do not bother anyone too much about these, as well.))

Step 1: Get familiar with SpaceEngine

Getting familiar with SpaceEngine is quite easy. There are the WASD keys for you to move in your regular directions, and there are the R and F keys for you to move up and down. You can also use Q and E to rotate the camera! If you want a more in-depth explanation about the controls, you can go here, or on the built-in tutorial in the Steam release.

Step 2: See what is in store!

At the 200th Millennium Wikia, we expect new, unique, and in-depth articles to be written. Don't stress over this, like I have, or you might get burnt out for a while. Take your time and be fluid with the articles you want to make. If you have no ideas, you can also contact a member on the community discord, or on their message board.

Before you want to make an article, please check out the Timeline. This wiki is set in the year 200000 CE, and trans-universal technology has just been invented by large empires. Of course, you can make your articles have a different time period, just not in the future. (Unless you update the dusty Time Travel article, that is)

Also, make sure that your empires are good in detail, and not too overpowered. If you want to make a civilization that is Type-V or higher, make sure that it fits with the universe and the current events. You can give them a nice special attribute to avoid any blandness. If you want to make anything higher, talk to us by any method and we will make a vote/consensus if this empire should be added.

So far, there are two major entities, which are the CoB and the Commonwealth. There is also The Supreme, DELYATU, the NTIH, and countless other civilizations sprinkled within.

Step 2.5: Use public domain/SpaceEngine pictures only

As the wiki gets bigger, the fear of copyright gets bigger every day. To counteract this, we want you to please use images that are within guidelines. this website is particularly useful, you just have to do some digging.

Step 3: Making a planet article

Finally, you have read all of the previous instructions (I hope) and are now on the rail to making some sweet articles! First, you must know that SpaceEngine uses a different format for logging planets. For example, you go to a planet in Andromeda. All of them would have RS XXX-XXX-XX-XXXX-XX X (replace X with numbers). Why? Well, This just means that there is a random star or planet, and it doesn't painstakingly name everything properly.

Once you have the name of the planet, (In RS numbers), you can take a few screenshots using the F11 key. This will be used on your main planet article.

Yup, that is loooong. Don't worry! It adds a lot of context and flavor to your page, Besides, you don't have to write 'This planet is XX AU from its star.' you just have to input numbers.

If you don't know how to get infoboxes, they are in the editor. There is an insert button to the left, and infobox should appear at the top. Scroll a little and look for Planet Infobox. Click it, and it will give you boxes to fill out!

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