Basic Lore Guide


It is assumed that things like Dyson Spheres and Penrose Spheres are the best way to harvest power from stars. Of course, your creativity is the limit on technology.

Basic Rules for Writing

All 'territory' is just claims, most of it is usually not inhabited.

The huge entities like the CUEN and CoB are alliances that strive for a basic and common goal. They are connected with many nations that claim approximately 100-250 (max) galaxies under a single, unified banner.

Individual species

The Wiki is written from the perspective of an objective viewer. For the sake of professionalism, using opinionated words like 'fortunately' or 'happily' are discouraged, but still allowed.

Population Density

While we call many civilizations Type III, we really mean having a monopoly of legitimate force in the area of a galaxy. Few galaxies has been 100% colonized. Most of the superpowers are what we call "Space Russias;" Big, but they don't have much population density.

(A Map of them is coming soon)

A Grasp on the Nations

The Confederacy of Borealis

The Confederacy of Borealis (Usually called the CoB) is the largest known alliance. It has 100 Thousand galaxies under it's intergalactic claims. However, it is not terribly cohesive, meaning that it is made up of thousands of member states and functions like the European Union, UN, or BRICS. It controls a portion of the Laniakea Supercluster, and reaches out to the Pavo-Indus Supercluster.

The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations

The Commonwealth of United Economic Nations (usually just called the CUEN or The Commonwealth) is another large nation similar to the CoB, it controls 85.1 thousand galaxies. It emphasizes economic growth and has the largest known economy. It is the second most powerful known nation in the The Local Universe.

The Administrator and DELYATU

The Administrator and DELYATU are artificial super intelligences located in the Salis Cluster. The two control about 21 Thousand galaxies each. The two are currently locked in a contentious cold war with the major nations due to The Exhumation.

The Lewis Nations

The Lewis Nations are a set of Human nations with some Alien minorities located in Herschel Space (a space they share with other independent and large Alien empires) in the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster. The Lewis Nations are known as the Empire of Mankind, the Union, the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance (the four largest and more important); the Republic of Sion and the Plutocracy of Gish. They all originated in the Lewis Galaxy before expanding to have 65,000 galaxies in total. Very few galaxies are completely under control of a single Lewis nations with most galaxies inside Herschel Space being divided between at least two of them. This forces them to avoid war with each other as any war would have hundreds of fronts.

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony

The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony (Usually just the NTIH) is another human nation. What makes this nation unique is its rapid conquest. The humans only live in the Phoenix Galaxy, while the rest of their 9,300 galaxy empire is administered by sextillions of alien slaves and robots. The nation has even gone as far as to colonize galaxies deep into galactic voids.

The Alkan Intendancy

The Alkan Intendancy is is the smallest superpower in terms of power. With a relatively small 5041 galaxies under its control. It is one of the few nations that has a strong central government instead of being a confederation. It is typically very neutral and usually shies away from international endeavors unless provoked.

Standard Article Creation

Hello, interested wiki user! I am Mittence1, an active member of this great community. This page that I am about to make will highlight on the do's and don'ts of what you want to do when making any article on this Wikia. Below, I will tell you how I have run things around, and what steps you should take in creating articles.

Step 0: Get SpaceEngine

SpaceEngine is a planetarium-based software, and it is available at their website, The version on their website is 0.980, but it is quite outdated. The new version is currently on Steam for $20. However, you don't have to pay for it if you don't want to. Simply get 0.980 or earlier versions. If you don't want to get SpaceEngine at all, you can easily improvise by creating nice empires, editing other articles to improve them, or ask a kind community member (Most accessible on the Discord) to make a world for you. ((Please do not bother anyone too much about these, as well.))

Step 1: Get familiar with SpaceEngine

Getting familiar with SpaceEngine is quite easy. There are the WASD keys for you to move in your regular directions, and there are the R and F keys for you to move up and down. You can also use Q and E to rotate the camera! If you want a more in-depth explanation about the controls, you can go here, or on the built-in tutorial in the Steam release.

Step 2: See what is in store!

At the 200th Millennium Wikia, we expect new, unique, and in-depth articles to be written. Don't stress over this, like I have, or you might get burnt out for a while. Take your time and be fluid with the articles you want to make. If you have no ideas, you can also contact a member on the community discord, or on their message board.

Before you want to make an article, please check out the Timeline. This wiki is set in the year 200000 CE, and many geopolitical events are happening. (The Exhumation) Of course, you can make your articles have a different time period, just not in the future.

Also, make sure that your empires are good in detail, and not too overpowered. If you want to make a civilization that is Type-V or higher, make sure that it fits with the universe and the current events. You can give them a nice special attribute to avoid any blandness. If you want to make anything higher, talk to us by any method and we will make a vote/consensus if this empire should be added.

So far, there are two major entities, which are the CoB and the Commonwealth. There is also The Administrator, DELYATU, the NTIH, and countless other civilizations sprinkled within.

Step 3: Please Use public domain/SpaceEngine pictures only

As the wiki gets bigger, the fear of copyright grows every day. To counteract this, we want you to please use images that are within guidelines. this website is particularly useful, you just have to do some digging.

Step 4: Making a planet article

Finally, you have read all of the previous instructions (I hope) and are now on the rail to making some sweet articles! First, you must know that SpaceEngine uses a different format for logging planets. For example, you go to a planet in Andromeda. All of them would have RS XXX-XXX-XX-XXXX-XX X (replace X with numbers). Why? Well, This just means that there is a random star or planet, and it doesn't painstakingly name everything properly.

Once you have the name of the planet, (In RS numbers), you can take a few screenshots using the F11 key. This will be used on your main planet article.

Yup, that is loooong. Don't worry! It adds a lot of context and flavor to your page, Besides, you don't have to write 'This planet is XX AU from its star.' you just have to input numbers.

If you don't know how to get infoboxes, they are in the editor. There is an insert button to the left, and infobox should appear at the top. Scroll a little and look for Planet Infobox. Click it, and it will give you boxes to fill out!

Step 5: Repeat

As you continue writing articles, make sure to check back in with your old ones. You'll soon find that you are a much better writer, and may want to improve them.

That is the beauty of the wiki, you will get better an better, and the only limit to your creativity is not letting it contradict itself. It is a community all looking out to help prospective writers get a grasp on the lore or editing. Ask, and someone won't hesitate to answer.

Have a good time on the wiki! I can't wait to see what the interesting articles you're gonna write!

Helpful Tips

Hello there! This is Duo. I've been here for quite a while so I can give y'all some tips on how to make much better articles.


Write the articles like they were written for wikipedia. Euphemisms and Idioms are usually frowned upon.

Start Small

Start small. Your first articles should be tiny in scope, but great in detail. Try your hardest to make your first article your best article.

Writing is Hard

Writing an article on here is easy. Writing anything worth reading is hard. Many editors thrive on compliments and attention, others don't care about what others think and just write for fun. I will tell you this, if writing an article is fun, it will be ten times better than if you do it for attention. Remember, this is a hobby not a job.


The best way to gain an understanding of science fiction is to gain an appreciation of it. I love resources like Isaac Arthur, Star talk with Neil Degrass Tyson, and Kurzgesagt. These channels are great ways to learn about astrophysics. And believe me, understanding astrophysics will greatly increase your articles' quality.


There are dozens of vocab words we just toss around here like Dyson Swarm, Penrose Sphere, Alcubierre Drive, Red Dwarf, Neutron Star, Nova, and wormhole. Watching those channels I talked about above can really help with keeping all of that straight.

That's all. Good luck and have fun!

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