Breria is a Hot Desert orbiting Remor. The planet has one notable moon.


The atmosphere is mainly made of carbon dioxide and water, which gives it a blue tint. This also means that rain occurs on the planet, similar to Earth.


The surface of Breria is riddled with volcanoes, some still active. The surface also has a large crater, pictured in the mid bottom right of the photograph. It also has some hollowed out lakes, suggesting the planet used to have liquid water that boiled and went to the atmosphere, causing a runaway greenhouse effect, similar to Venus.


Two of the moons are hot asteroids that are incredibly small and insignificant. However, the third moon is truly strange. The moon orbits at an incredibly close 18,000 Kilometers. It is also very large, creating a barycenter ( Which appears to be exactly inside of Breria, not really sure what it is ) with the planet.

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