Calesius (RS 3683-35-7-375644-371 4) is a temperate E-Class planet located and situated within Amatria about 6.7 million light years from the Milky Way. Second home world of the survivor race the Tavir.


Calesius is the second home world of the Tavir after they escaped a devastating nuclear war on their original planet.


Calesius, also known as New World or Mother World in the Tavir culture, is a life-supporting planet and the mysteriously the second home world of the Tavir, after a nuclear war on their original planet nearly wiped them out almost one million years ago.

Although smaller and weaker in gravity, Calesius is a world teeming with various forms of life that range from microbes to aerial predators. 


Calesius is smaller than the Earth with a diameter of 8415 kilometres and 0.28 Earth masses. It has a rotation period of 27 hours and 39 minutes, while a solar day lasts 27 hours and 51 minutes. It is titlted 7 degrees on its axis. With all of these properties, the planet recieves an ESI value of 0.92. 

The planet has an atmosphere mostly of carbon dioxide but with smaller concentrations of nitrogen and oxygen. It's pressure is measured as 0.498 ATM.


The planet is 4.5 billion years old with life appearing only 400 million years after it formed. The microbes assembled themselves into larger organisms and gradually multicellular creatures evolved into and out of the water.

After a long journey through interstellar space, the Tavir escaped a cataclysmic nuclear war on their first home world. Their starships were left in an equatorial orbit around the planet. Soon after the Tavir colonised the planet, the Calesian Kingdom was formed a few years later. Years passed and the Kingdom wrote the book called "The Tales of Calesius", a guide to their religion, culture and society.

The Calesian Kingdom has remained less than a Type 0 civilisation for thousands of years as they fear another destructive war. Although, astronomy still plays a big part in their society but the Kingdom prohibits the advance in technology. However, the astronomers had rebelled against the Kingdom's law, gradually sending the Kingdom into a civil war. 

Until 11008 CE, several thousands of years of peace and tranquility filled the Kingdom. The Three Ladies, as known by the Tavir, had visited the King of the Kingdom and offered him gifts. The third Lady proposed that the Tavir should spread their influence on to their nearest moons and eventually their entire star system. The King was outraged and declined the offer to progress in technology. Unfortunately for the King, he was executed a month later and the Kingdom was reorganized into the Calesian Empire.

The Calesian Empire ventured out to the planets and moons in their star system. Over time, they reused their cylindrical starships left in equatorial orbit around Calesius and began a journey to the nearest planetary system. The discovery of a large, rogue gas giant about two light years from their planet had shook the scientific community. The rogue planet was colonised with floating cities, with a growing population of at least a few ten thousand.

In less than a millenia, the Calesian Empire had ceased further expansion to avoid cataclysmic events with other civilisations. With little knowledge on alien civilisations, the Amatrian Galactic Spherium had launched an armada of interstellar probes to study the increasingly growing threat to the galaxy. The two civilisations discovered each other in 12027 and immediately the Empire declined the offer to join the Spherium, and the threat began to rapidly rise further.

Deep inside the Calesian Sector for almost two centuries, the Empire had been assembling an army of numerous warriors, reaching about 40 million. The fleet of 15,000 star cruisers across the sector each carry 350 star fighters. The army is ready for war! By this time, the Tavir have become a Type I civilisation.

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