Calidremo is a temperate desert planet orbiting around red dwarf called Seukaidana. The Seukaidana-Gonivallari binary star system is located in the Spawnight Galaxy. It's under the monitoring of CBRPD, which is under a directive to find, research and protect any planet supplying multicellular life.


Calidremo is virtually a textbook tidally-locked planet. One of it's sides is always dark and cold and the other one always - dangerously bright and somewhat warm - a red dwarf doesn't ensure much heat. A strip of potentially temperate and relatively peaceful climate is available on Calidremo's twilight meridian but even that often gets blasted by strong hurricanes or earthquakes. Otherwise the planet's much smaller and lighter than Earth and orbits it's sun very quickly. It has two moons though their effect doesn't seem to be apparent due to planet's lack of large water bodies.

Planet's atmosphere consists of:

CO2 (95.3%); O2 (4.55%) SO2 (0.103%)

Trace gases: Kr


Calidremo is not a conquered planet and even if it was it would be quite the pain for lots of foreign civilizations. The visitors sent there are drones of different shapes and sizes which have very advanced climate-proof bodies as well as limbs designed to strongly grapple as well as jetpack across the landscape.


Calidremo has it's own lifeforms which have managed to reach multicellular stages. They are tough and elusive, ready to take on all sorts of climates. Since the sun-exposed side is mostly just warm, most of the organisms congregate over there - as opposed to planet's tidelocked to much hotter stars. Although suitable biomes are not hard to come by, competition is fierce from the childhood. One side bullies and the other evolves powerful retaliation methods.

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