Calisn is a large, perturbed spiral galaxy with a small human presence located 125 million light years away from the Milky Way, and was colonised a decade after the end of the War of the Decamillenial Transition.



The recorded history of the galaxy extends back in time by almost 250,000 years, long before a human presence existed in the galaxy. A number of civilisations have been recorded, although most of them have become extinct. Upon the first human colony, an ancient ruin of an alien civilisation was discovered, dating back to almost 360,000 years ago.

After the Decamillenial War (20296 CE)

A decade after the war ended, in 20296 CE, a large fleet of human coloniser ships traveled through a wormhole that brought them to Calisn within the same year. The colonisation process took centuries until the 22nd millennia, when a quarter of the galaxy was under human control. The population of humans in the galaxy soon reached a trillion within a century.

Remnants of the Confederacy of Humanity (21100 CE)

Since the Confederacy had split soon after the war, remnants of the once-powerful human government had reached Calisn and attempted to take control over current human colonies. However, the tensions between the Confederacy's remnants and Calisn's humans resulted in a short period of conflict, which forced the Confederacy out of the galaxy. Soon after the conflict, the humans within Calisn decided to establish a proper, galactic government and construct an army in case of future conflicts.

Calisn Federation (21137 CE)

The human colonisers within Calisn establish a fully functional, galactic government called the Calisn Federation.

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