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the image of the cancer system

the cancer system is an abnormal system of two blue giant stars. the system has a planet unsuitable for life that has an orbit near the stars. the System has no human colony.

the cancer system formed with an explosion of a blue giant that was 40 times larger than our sun. after the explosion of the Blue Giant a system of two blue giants whose two has a size of 25 times Greater than the sun.

the system has a planet with no atmosphere. but the planet has interresting ores. the planet has minerals that give the person cancer when touched. to mine that ore that has a Purple color would need an iron pick. The Cancer Planet-2093 has several craters at the equator and at the poles. the Planet takes only 28 days to go around the binary pair. a day that lasts on this planet lasts only 2 hours and 30 minutes and 21 seconds.

The Cancer System is in a very distant galaxy. he does not know where he is. Another unknown user sent a photo of the Star System (the photo is really strange.) the user just sent the System Image. did not send the image of your location or the coordinates. plus the user transferred the data from the planet and its information to understand how the planet is and how the star system formed the information sent also indicates that the planet has a mass 2 times greater than the earth.

Cancer System
Type Star 1: O3V
Type Star 2: O5V
Planet Type: Hot Planet
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