“As I make this step, Humanity’s horizon shall widen to the stars” -Cassandra Goodman when first stepping on Aeros.

Cassandra Goodman is a Human who was the first person to set foot on Aeros and Helion. One of the most famous interstellar legends states that she set foot on Hell'OBen but no evidence supports this theory.


She grew up in Cornwall, England and always had a fascination for space. She lived with her parents in a small house and enjoyed life as a child. At the age of 22, she went on holiday to the United States and found out about the upcoming manned Vagi I and Egeria missions to the Alpha Centauri system,which she wanted to be part of. In her biography, she says that she decided on the Vagi I mission over the Egeria mission by flipping a coin. Upon arrival at the system in 2062, she was offered the chance to be the first human to set foot on Proxima Centauri B (A.K.A Aeros). This made her the first ever human to land on an extrasolar world and word of this spread across the globe. She also received the honor to step onAlpha Centauri Bb (AKA Helion). A statue was made in her honor and the region she landed on was named after her.

Later life

She became quite an important figure on Aeros, even having a town, (Cassandra‘s cove) named after her as well as having a statue made in her honour. During her elderly years it is believed she returned to Earth and lived in a small house somewhere in the UK. She never married although she lived a happy life.

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