Current flag of the Consortium

Formed in 3215, this consortium formed around the major corporations of the mining worlds of the stars of the constellation Cassiopeia, with their headquarter city on the terraformed planet Cassiopeia Prime.


By the turn of the 33rd century, humanity had spread far across their local arm, mining and settling worlds and discovering other sapient species, but never making contact for fear of influencing their natural development as had happened with the inhabitants of Ikusos in 2069.

A group of powerful companies who had spread across the stars of the terrestrial constellation and everywhere in between came together on Cassiopeia Prime to discuss forming a consortium within their local sectors and to create a monopoly on the development of technology, medicine, methods of advanced terraforming, improvements on space travel etc. Their other major goal was to spread the influence of humanity through the Orion arm and the surrounding arms. All major and almost all minor companies within the Cassiopeia sectors signed a contract and the Consortium was formed.

With the contract signed, they went to the government of Cassiopeia Prime and requested permission to buy a smaller continent in the northern hemisphere. After a couple years of negotiations, they were granted the land. They built massive clean factories and a huge city where their employees could work and live. The entire continent was one massive city and factory rolled into one.

With this, the Consortium spread fast into the Orion Arm, easily building its capital and buying out other smaller companies. Like any group of companies they had their ups and downs, and at one point in 4312 they were on the verge of bankruptcy and were about to break apart, but at the last second the discovery of a vast treasure trove of wealth on a distant planet saved the Consortium.

Over time it diminished in power as newer technologies and companies came into existence. Today it isn’t nearly as powerful as it once was but it is one of the top ten most powerful business consortiums at number two in terms of influence, capital earnings etc.


The original philosophy of the Consortium was to spread human dominance through the Orion Arm of the Milky Way and to improve living conditions for the new frontier colonies around the ever expanding human space. They learned from the mistakes of SepMin PLC and other space based companies and did their hardest to provide quality merchandise but at the same time looking for faster ways to increase production safety. This philosophy is most likely what has led to their impossible longevity.


At the height of their power in 7341 the Consortium controlled over half the capital of the galaxy and owned millions of mining colonies and billions of asteroids. They have the means to build artificial planets and even at one point were requested by a group of wealthy men to built to scale replicas of ships and stations from ancient science fiction like the Death Star, USS Enterprise and Serenity along with many others.

Their main headquarters are located on Cassiopeia Prime.

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