Inhabitants of Rexisa and supreme members of the Republic of Rixxes; also an early-Type IV civilisation on the Kardashev Scale.


Ceetia are tall, humanoid creatures that reach heights of 3 meters with long, thin but muscular arms and legs which allows them to lift weights of 6 tons. Their heads are almost human-like but with large, wide ears, about 7.5 cm in length, which helps them to hear better in a thicker atmosphere. On their chests are glowing, bioluminescent lights that allow them to symbolize their emotions. Turning to red, it shows love and affection for another, however, if it turns black, it shows anger within them. Their hands and feet contain fingers and toes; each with nails, sharp enough to climb a mountain. There are four toes on each foot; same applied to their hands: four fingers.

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