Celkir was once the grand, beautiful home world of the Teforgs, and was very peaceful. That all changed one day when the effects of anthropogenic global warming turned the planet into a hostile wasteland.


Dry, saltflats

There are a few small groups of bandits and raiders hiding within the abandoned settlements and cities, though most of the population was wiped out. Weather on this planet is always dry; only sand and dust storms blow across the lonely dunes and through the massive collapsed cities.

The Wastes

The Wastes

There is hardly any plant life, due the intense dryness and heat of the planet. The geography of the wastelands are simple. Dunes, dunes, and more dunes. A few rocky mountain ranges, with some lowlands and plateaus. A few massive abandoned cities and towns dot the land, halfway buried in sand or silt. It's three moons are just simple, small captured asteroids. Their names are Sifh, Ruchcin, and Aaseminic.
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