The Centauri Confederacy (also known as the Confederacy of Omega Centauri) is the governing body tying together the many colonized worlds of the Omega Centauri globular cluster. It was founded in 9172 CE by refugees originating from various worlds torn by the Orion War. The current center of power, culture, and science for the Centauri Confederacy lies on the planet Brayleigh. After the Orion Confederacy was officially adopted by the Confederacy of Borealis.


As the conflict of the Orion War expanded outwards from Sol, many worlds found themselves unable to defend themselves from the Giokans. During the first few years of the war, most of the Confederacy of Humanity's Navy was located in other parts of the Milky Way outside of the Carina Nebula, which left those near the nebula unguarded. The Giokans easily took advantage and unleashed relentless nuclear bombardment across worlds near the Carina Nebula. These warheads were so frequent and so devastating no one could stop them. As these worlds quickly fell apart, many banded together to exchange what they could in defense and supplies. However, Giokan forces were quick to pillage trade routes before any major exchange could be conducted. Thus, with no option other than to face complete destruction, the Carina Nebula worlds created a small fleet of colony ships to ultimately escape their invaders and colonize new worlds in the Omega Centauri star cluster. This cluster was selected since it was well above the galactic plane and was far from the conflict. But, to avoid detection from the Giokans, knowledge of this mission was kept only between the worlds involved. Not even most of humanity knew of the mission's existence until much later in history.

The fleet left in May, 9161, and arrived at Omega Centauri four months later. Many worlds that were a part of this mission were destroyed by the Giokans before human forces could help.

Initial scans of the star cluster were not promising. With most of the stars of the cluster being dim orange or red dwarfs, finding a star similar to Sol with a temperate world took over a year. Eventually, a yellow dwarf was discovered near the edge of the cluster facing the Milky Way. The fleet entered the system in January of 9163 and established orbit around the Earth-like planet of the system, later named Brayleigh. With large water oceans, a varied climate, and sprawling terrain, Brayleigh was deemed good enough by the crew. A landing party was sent down near a river along the equator to establish a permanent colony. Meanwhile, ships of the fleet began terraforming Brayleigh's atmosphere with gasses extracted from a nearby gas giant. The colony boomed due to an abundance of precious materials and more colonies were set up along the planet's rivers. By 9165, the global population of Brayleigh had reached 150 thousand. Later that year a new colony would be established on the planet Nadie, located twenty-five light-years from Brayleigh.

Growth on Brayleigh and Nadie was exponential. In 9172, the total population of both planets combined reached one million Centaurians, and the number was increasing at a drastic rate. With a larger and more diverse population to manage, a strong government was needed to keep both worlds aligned. This founded the Centauri Confederacy, and its capitol was located in the oldest city of Brayleigh. As this new interstellar civilization expanded across space, the Centauri Confederacy grew more powerful.

By the time the Orion War ended in 9283 CE, the Centauri Confederacy had grown to encompass almost half of the star cluster. The population of the entire civilization reached nearly thirty-four billion, and almost fifty planets and moons had been settled upon. Brayleigh began to become more notable as its population was the largest of all the Centauri Confederacy. Similarly, culture, religion, and science were far more developed on Brayleigh than anywhere else. Soon Brayleigh became the center and icon world of the Centauri Confederacy, and an increased income of tourism and trade further contributed to this.

The Centauri Confederacy was discovered by the rest of humanity a couple years later. Many were astonished how well the Centaurians had fared on their own for so long without contact beyond Omega Centauri. The Confederacy of Humanity welcomed in the Centauri Confederacy with open arms. As plans to fully annex the Centauri Confederacy were made, political and social turmoil soon arose. It was still unsure by many whether the Centaurians should join the Confederacy of Humanity or remain an independent civilization. After further debate between Centauri representatives and the Confederacy of Humanity Senate, it was decided that the Centauri Confederacy would be adopted into the Confederacy of Humanity. However, Centauri would still be allowed to govern itself independently from the rest of humanity and be able to assemble its own military.

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