A minor temperate Me-Class human worldship colony world.


The largest object in the asteroid belt, the dwarf planet was subject to study by early spacefaring humans in the early 21st century. The first probe to reach the world was the Dawn probe in early 2015. The dwarf planet was studied by the probe. Subsequent probes discovered a liquid water ocean beneath the surface.

In the early 36th century a group of humans decided to attempt to terraform the small world and use it to explore the universe without leaving their world. They decided to use genetic engineering techniques to use on their children so as to make them an entirely new species that could live on such a low gravity world.

When the terraforming was complete the world was even more alien than Luna. The humans (or Ceresians) who lived on the surface resembled 30 to 60 CM (1-2 ft) tall fairylike creatures with glowing wings.

Ceres (2)

Ceres before terraforming.

When the biosphere was finished (with the generous help of AfrikaCorp) the world was outfitted with a nearly invisible dome to keep the atmosphere in as well as to generate a fake sun and heat when they were in deep space. The dome could display either a sun or a random starfield. The world was also equipped with large Warp Drive engines and other types of standard slower than light travel so they could traverse the galaxy.

The asteroid (3) Juno was captured and placed in orbit of Ceres to provide the world with tides. It was kept in orbit by the massive warp field generated by the Ceres’ engines.

Ceres is what is normally called a worldship, planets that are self-sustaining and that can travel through space, some even being able to enter warp.


The Ceresians, or fairies as they are nicknamed, live for the most part in a pretechnological society. They are, as of 10000, somewhat aware of their high tech (or magical in their words) past. Some of the Ceresians have lived in what is known as Cyntrl Tower, the bridge of the planetary starship. They are well aware of their status among the stars and keep in constant touch with the Confederacy in case their worldship breaks down.

Most Ceresians worship what they call the Great Mother, a.k.a. the founder of their colony, Astra. They believe that one day Astra will return and help them regain the magical abilities they lost. This belief may actually come to past as Astra vanished near a black hole ten years after Ceres left the Sol System.

Ceresians are vegetarian and live more in harmony with the animals than most other human civilizations in the Confederacy.

Physical Description

Ceres has a diameter of 975 km, with an extremely low gravitational index of 0.03 G. It has an atmospheric pressure of 1.3. It has an artificial day of 1.003 Earth days. It is 4.5 billion years old.


With an artificially kept mean temperature of 27 °C the world is a bit warmer than Earth. The plants are tall and have large leaves strong and big enough for Ceresians to sit on.

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