Cervisiam is the second planet of the Vinum System located in the Vocatus Nebulae in the Ambrosia Galaxy. It is a hot D-Class world.


Cervisiam is a hot, piratically hell world of vast deserts. Its hot surface is covered with neigh countless mountains, craters, and volcanoes. In terms of rare materials, the planet has vast amounts of oil and sulfur. These are mined by the populace of the planet.

The planet's tectonic plates are extremely active, and with the combination of tidal forces constantly inflicted upon by its parent star, the planet is completely covered in mountains and volcanoes. And with the vast abundance of volcanoes, the entire surface is covered in a thick layer of sulfur.

Its atmosphere is made up of half water, and half carbon dioxide which gives the planet its tan-green hue. The planet is also victim to slight greenhouse effects inflicted upon it by its abundance of volcanoes however most of the volcanic ash enters into the ground rather than the planet's atmosphere.

Its years are extremely fast, only taking seven standard days to orbit around its parent star. While it takes twelve standard days to rotate. This means the planet's day is longer than the then planet's year.

Cervisiam has one continent named Maisivrec which stretches to around half the surface of the planet.

Though its sister world, Aqua-Inferni has a higher population and receives more attention to the public due to its function as the Cosmic Vineyard's headquarters. Cervisiam is home to a fairly large colony within the two twin volcanoes Vinyaw Major and Vinyaw Minor. This colony is known as Duplex Monte Oppidum and has a population of 1,400,000 people. No other colonies are located on the surface.


Cervisiam formed within the planetary disk that was created with the formation of its parent star, Virum in 7,128,320,000 BCE.

When it formed the planet's tectonic plates were extremely active, creating vast mountain ranges and volcanoes as far as the eye could see. This extreme tectonic activity would continue to be very active for its entire history. This tectonic activity has also lead to half of the planet's surface to be covered in one large continent which contributes to these factors.

in 5,810,810,90 BCE, an asteroid around forty kilometers in diameter would strike into the planet, creating Wine Crater. This launched vast amounts of debris into orbit around the planet, which in turn formed the plant's three dwarf moons, Verka, Kiqw, and Wiwor.

The Human Alliance of Ambrosia would enter the Vinum System in 10330 CE. Once they surveyed the star system, colonies were established on the planet Aqua-Inferni. However, on 10341 CE, the two volcanoes Vinyaw Major and Vinyaw Minor were chosen as a location where an interconnected twin city system would be constructed.

When the True Alliance of Man was formed, Cervivam and the rest of the Vinum System would join this new government as they did not appreciate the increase of mass-produced cooperate alcohol companies selling their product in the Ambrosia Galaxy.

After the True Alliance was disbanded, and the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems was formed, Cervivam would follow suit with the rest of the Vinum System a join to the group.

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