Cevla is the 1st major moon of Heittrisa third planet of the Hope System in the Ambrosia Galaxy. Its also the third oldest object in the system, including its parent star. It is a hot S-Class world.


Cevla is an average selena world, Its the ninth largest Selena world within the system, even being larger then the dwarf planet Petram.

Cevla and Petram share many similarity's in composition and appearance. However unlike Petram, Cevla has very little precious metals, being almost made entirely out of rock. Despite this, the moon is a member of the Ambrosia Mining Council.

Being so close to its parent planet it gets constantly battered by radiation and tidal forces. Small volcanic activity happens in isolated areas across the moon.


Cevla has an average surface for your typical Selena world, craters, fractures, and small mountains dot its ancient surface. Large areas of dust mounds can be found strung about the surface as well.


it holds the small colony Cevla Village, this colony exists to collect hydrogen from robots mining the gas from Cevla's parent planet. It served as the location where evacuees of Blekiur's failed terraforming went to seek refuge.

The moon's population is very low due to there being better bodies in the system to live on.

The moon's small population's culture is based around the mining and processing of hydrogen from its parent planet.


Cevla formed shorty after its parent planet Heittrrisa 4,796,109,000 standard years ago, when left over dust from the gas giant collected, forming the moon we see today.

Around 3,999,201,009 BCE, one of Heittrrisa's dwarf moons was affected by Cevla's gravity, turning the asteroid into a dwarf sub-satellite of the moon. This asteroid was nicknamed "Cevla Minor".

During the Etymology Era, the Havenites constructed large communication arrays around the entire moon to send information across the floating cites within Heittrisa's cloud layer in 2,489,020,142 BCE, when the species became an early type 2 civilization. However these stopped functioning after the Havenite's destruction.

When humans colonists arrived within the Hope System they left the moon untouched for a few years. But on 10290 CE construction of Cevla Village began and concluded. The colony operates almost entirely automatically, but the small population oversees its functions.

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