Cha-roth (RS 5607-2950-8-4276385-169 B3) is the homeworld of the Chukulakans and is part of the Cooperative Triple Alliance in the NGC 4725 galaxy.


It is a warm tropical E-class world, mostly covered in a vast ocean with six "major" continents, including several minor continents. The most infamous is Chukul, which is considered to be the birthplace of the Chukulakans' civilization.

One moon orbits Cha-roth which is a desert world named Qu'lem, similar to the pre-terraformed Mars. Because of its size, large waves and strong tides can be a common occurrence, however this isn't much of a problem to the Chukulakans as they are also semi-aquatic, resembling starfish from Earth.

It is the third planet orbiting the smaller star of a binary system in consisting of a K8.7 V orange dwarf (A) and a smaller M2.2 V red dwarf (B). Four planets orbit around the larger K-type star whereas 5 planets revolve around the red dwarf. Sometimes, light from the other star shines the other side of Cha-roth, acting as a second sun to Cha-roth, albeit slightly dimmer due to its distance.


Weather on Cha-roth can range from clear sunny skies to large cyclone storms, raging over the seas, sometimes reaching land. Usually when one reaches a continent, Chukulakans will retreat to the oceans and remain there until the storm passes. Their buildings are able to withstand the hurricanes so they'll return to their homes like nothing happened and continue with their day/night. Other types of weather can include heavy rain, lightning, thunderstorms and waterspouts over sea. Temperatures reach up to an average of 48 °C on Cha-roth with the lowest being 34 °C.


Their isn't much to say about the Chukulakans' culture as it is quite uniform, most them having the same beliefs and ideologies. Despite not neccesarily being religious, some still perform a ceremonial dance of sort, when the second sun is in the sky as its part of an ancient tradition they used to practise, believing that the suns were two gods, one good and one evil. They would perform the dance whenever the second sun came out to "protect" themselves from its evil. While they don't actually believe this anymore, some still perform it for traditions sake.


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