Chara Prime, also known to the natives as Thazeda, is the fourth planet of the Chara system and homeworld of the Huu. It was also the first planet used for the Species Restoration Project.


Created around five billion years ago out of the stellar dust of Chara, Chara Prime had a violent early history, with impacts being quite common during the early years. Near the end of the more violent years, many large bodies struck the surface, creating the two moons Beruun and Daz as well as the four dwarf moons known to the inhabitants as the Four Gods.


First images of Chara Prime by humans.

Life first evolved two billion years ago in the impact crater oceans that dotted the planet at the time. These life forms didn't take on a green hue as is more common, but instead took on a purple hue. As the oceans were small, many different life forms of different genetic backgrounds spread across the planet and eventually formed the incredibly complex ecology known to exist today.

The first Huu appeared around 210,000 BCE near the only ocean on that world that wasn't a filled in crater. Their civilization spread quickly as much of the land surrounding the impact oceans contained metals that would help jumpstart any civilization.


Map of Chara Prime before terraforming

Around the year 54.100 BCE, a large asteroid struck the planet. At this point in the planet's history, the Huu had barely managed to discover space flight and didn't have the resources to leave their world. All life went extinct.

Humans first discovered Chara Prime in 2031 by watching the star from Earth for any irregularities in its wobble. A starship first visited the planet in 2091, logged the system, then left. It wasn't revisited until 3412 where the destroyed civilization was discovered.

Many thousands of years later, in 152321 CE, the planet came into the public eye once again when the Species Restoration Project. It was the most ambitious project at that time, the purpose being to restore a planet which had lost all life to its pre-destruction state. The planet was terraformed, its day lengthened, and native cloned life was reintroduced to the planet. Finally, ten thousand Huu were cloned and placed on the planet.


Current map of Chara Prime

Currently the population of Chara Prime is 240 million Huu at a technological level reminiscent to 18th century Earth.


Chara Prime is much cooler than Earth and as such it's mostly covered by the equivalent of tundra and temperate forests. The oceans are much colder than those on Earth but despite that they're filled with life, mostly near the lower portions of the oceans.

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