Chenell is a minor human colony world in the NGC 1566 galaxy.


Chenell is a temperate planet with strong winds and a day longer than it's year.


Discovered in 12006 after the first humans arrived in NGC 1566 through a powerful wormhole drive, Chenell was left for research purposes only, with only a global human population of 250. These scientists monitor the atmosphere, climate and weather. 

In polar orbit exists a large space station where starships are docked, whether to deliver new habitat modules or equipment, like solar panels and radio wave communicators.


Chenell is about 6733 km in diameter with a gravitational pull of 0.5 g. It has a mass 13 per cent of Earth's total mass. These parameters combined give the planet an ESI of 0.855.

In orbit around the planet is four moons, a larger rocky moon, called Dreima, and three asteroids.

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