Chik'Wa, commonly referred to as Fira or Fireball by Humans, is a subclass terra. Chik'Wa resides at the inner-reaches of the Sa'Kian System, and is mostly known for its diverse surface. Many notable features on Chik'Wa include the large salt flats and deposits, which morph some of the surface to a pale white.


As it is the closest world to Sa'Kia, Chik'Wa is often seen zipping around Sa'Kia in only 56 days, which is much smaller than Mercury's orbit of around 80 days. Only small amounts of temperature variation occurs on Chik'Wa as a result of its non-existent axial tilt and eccentricity.


Nights of Chik'Wa are similar to the ancient Mercurian nights, being frigid in nature. Some spots of Chik'Wa have been confirmed to have water ice in the polar craters. These areas are also the most colonized regions of Chik'Wa, as they provided a large amount of drinking water in the past.


Chik'Wa's thin atmosphere is primarily comprised of dust particles, accompanied by trace elements of xenon gas and carbon dioxide as a result of the colonies. No plans have been made for making it breathable, let alone making Chik'Wa terraformed. This is likely due to the large upkeep that it would take.


Currently, Chik'Wa is home to hundreds of large dome cities, many kilometers wide. The dome cities on Chik'Wa act like small terrariums, which house millions of organisms from across the Borealis Cluster. Many of the largest dome cities contain spaceports for incoming ships, as well.

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