Chu-raa, a moon in the Starbright System, is the most recognizable world in the system visually despite the conditions on the planet. It is a cool E-Class world and the homeworld of the Nok’Chu-Raa as well as a highly placed member world of the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations.

Most of the animal and plant life on Chu-Raa evolved deep in the large forests which span most of the planet.


Chu-Raa formed in the Starbright debris field over four billion years ago. The planetoid wandered for up to a million years before becoming captured by Drekoi's own gravitational field where it was bombarded by many different asteroids, some of which jump-started the evolution of life on the planet.

Chu-Raa Map

Map of Chu-Raa

The Nok'Chu-Raa evolved on the planet around the same time humans were discovering fire on Earth and thus have been somewhat on par with human technological development throughout their long history.

Currently, Chu-Raa is a large hub of cultural exchange within the CUEN.

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