Chu-Raa (1)

Chu-raa, the fourth planet from the Starbright A (or as the three local sapient species call it, Bogothar or Yuunn) in the Starbright System, is the most recognizable world type in this system visually despite the conditions on the planet. It is a temperate E-Class world and th the homeworld of the Nok’Chu-Raa. The planet has a diameter of 19963.5 km (12404.7 mi) and a semimajor axis of 1.2 AU, meaning its year is slightly longer at 1.3 years. It has a short 10 hour 20 minute day.

Due to its larger diameter and mass the planet has a gravitational pull of 2.2 G. It has a very low atmospheric pressure at 0.2 atmospheres. Its mean temperature is lower than Earth’s is at 10.1 °C (14 °F). It also has nine moons, two of which, the ocean world Liotho and the desert world Abog-yithar, are spherical.

The world is largely ocean, with only around five small continents and a variety of smaller islands. Due to the cooler temperatures of the planet Chu-Raa has large polar ice caps.

Most of the animal and plant life on Chu-Raa evolved deep in the large oceans, which is the reason why the water is tinted a slight green. Despite the frigid temperatures of the surface, forests and grass as well as a few hardy land animals have learned to call the few small island continents home.

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